Simply put, LightSkinKeisha doesn’t hold anything back.

“I say what people are thinking,” she affirms. “I’m not afraid of anything. You’re going to know what’s on my mind.”

After one listen to her razor-sharp rhymes and unfiltered lyrics, it’s nearly impossible to imagine the Decatur-born and Atlanta-based rapper ever biting her tongue. Raised by a single mom, and one of eight kids, she always let her voice be heard.

As the family moved around Georgia, the budding talent split her time between cheerleading and canvasing the internet for music. Fascinated by everything from Bone Thugs-n-Harmony, Patti Labelle, Bryan McKnight, and Trina to Lily Allen, Adele, and Green Day, she diligently spent countless hours online “surfing all types of different genres of music…Like rock ‘n’ roll, R&B, rap, Jamaican, and Caribbean.

For as many iconic artists as she discovered, her mother would still undoubtedly serve as the biggest inspiration.

“I get my grind from my mama,” she goes on. “The woman raised eight kids by herself. She instilled a powerful work ethic in me. I really want to give that same work ethic to other girls. I’ve got to show them anything is possible. For me, this shit started off on Instagram.”

In 2017, her lifelong passion for music unassumingly turned professional as she shared short clips online on the ‘Gram. Soon after, she uploaded “Weather” to Soundcloud and generated a growing buzz. Produced by close friend and regular collaborator Wili Hendrixs, it put up serious numbers independently, cracking 1.34 million Soundcloud plays, 235K Spotify streams, and 167K YouTube views for its hilarious companion video.

Most importantly, it shined a glaring spotlight on the MC’s knack for a hummable hooks and knockout bars.

“When it starts getting hot, guys act up,” she explains of the concept behind “Weather.” “When it’s cold out, it’s relationship season. I had a thing with a dude, and I found out he was at his baby shower with some girl behind my back! That whole episode inspired the song. I called him like, ‘You about to have a baby on me and you think I’m not going to find out.’ I love kids, but I don’t need one right now. Those lyrics are real.”

She adds, “So I say, handle your business and enjoy yourself, because they’re going to enjoy themselves. Get your bag and do what you got to do. This was me being myself, putting myself out there, and not giving a fuck what anyone thought. This shit all happened in a year. I’m fucking here now.”

As “Weather” took off, L.A. Reid took notice. Just a few months since its official release, LightSkinKeisha landed a deal with HITCO and as she puts it, “I’m signed to L.A. motherfucking Reid! I can’t believe it.”

Throughout 2018, she boldly announced her arrival as a breakthrough talent as loudly as possible. In addition to generating 4.3 million total audio streams and 2.9 million video views within less than six months, she attracted glowing critical endorsements from the likes of Billboard, The Fader, Respect, Rolling Out, and more. However, Paper put it best by simply claiming, “Keisha is a star.”

She proves worthy of that star title on the single “Ride Good” [feat. B. Smyth]. Over an airy beat, her sexy delivery proves to be the perfect counterpoint to B. Smyth’s soulful croon. It’s trap R&B banger that’s impossible to shake. It’s just one of countless anthems on deck from the rising star.

Forever in that zone, LightSkinKeisha is ready to spread an important message and give her hometown a much-needed and different kind of hero…

“I want everybody to feel good,” she concludes. “You can shake your ass to it, or you can enjoy it on a lyrical level. A lot of male rappers have put Atlanta on the map. There hasn’t been a female rapper in a while. I’m about to go crazy for all of the girls in Atlanta, because y’all need to hear our story.  This is the soundtrack for my bitches to boss up. I want a girl to hear my song and be like, ‘I’m about to get up, get a job, get a bag, and fucking hustle.’ This is the goal, period!”